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ExtremeStor DI
ExtremeStor-DI workstations and servers are designed for real-time capture and playback of un-compressed 2K, stereo 2K, un-compressed 4K, stereo 4K as well as applications requiring high speed disk access.  Certified to work with the industry’s leading providers of simulation software and visual effects technologies, the ExtremeStor-DI can meet the needs of the most CPU/GPU and disk intensive applications. Featuring integrated SSD or magnetic disk arrays with capacities up to 144TB and read/write speeds up to 4000MB/Sec, the ExtremeStor-DI workstations and servers are the ideal platform for workflows that require a high performance workstation or server with minimal upfront investment.
Globalstor Data releases the power, flexibility and reliability of the ExtremeStor-iNAS IP NAS & iSCSI storage solution. With models ranging from 12 to 144TB’s the ExtremeStor-iNAS compliments today’s most advanced simulation and training applications. For professionals looking at flexible storage topologies to enhance their existing applications without compromise, the ExtremeStor-iNAS is the solution for you.
ExtremeStor Ultra
ExtremeStor-Ultra is a compact 2u rack mount workstation that features Intel’s latest Core i7 CPU for uncompromised performance at an affordable price. With 16GB of ram and Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, ExtremeStor-Ultra is also available in custom configurations with a wide range of CPU, GPU, memory and operating systems to accommodate virtually all simulation and training applications.
iNAS administrator guide (7.11 MB) 
iNAS data sheet (1 MB) 
iNAS white paper (425 KB) 
NFS benchmark (2.6 MB) 
TTCP benchmark (22.8 MB) 
Digital Intermediate Solutions (330 MB) 
ExtremeStor-DI for RED Digital Cinema Performance (36 KB)